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Business owner donates $1,500 to veterans charity

LOCAL NEWS: Picked WNY VHC because they help the region’s most vulnerable.


As long as he’s been in business, Grand New Flag owner Philip Kauppinen has donated 5 percent of his profits to a not-for-profit organization that supports local veterans.

And on Thursday, Kauppinen donated a portion of the profits from every American flag and flag pole he sold in 2017 to WNY Veterans Housing Coalition — a total contribution of $1,500. Kauppinen said he selected the organization because they help the region’s most vulnerable veterans. He also liked that it was founded by Vietnam veterans, as his father served two combat tours in that war, from 1966-1968.

“They’re taking the most vulnerable veterans off the street — giving them a place, giving them a bed, helping them back on their feet,” Kauppinen said. “That’s why I wanted to give back to them.”

Kauppinen founded Grand New Flag in 2012 and operates the business out of his Roosevelt Drive home. In addition to supporting veterans- focused charities, he also offers a 15 percent discount to active-duty veterans and proudly sells only Americanmanufactured flags.

“From day one I knew I was going to give back 5 percent of my net profits to veterans, and have the (veterans) discount and support the American manufacturer,” Kauppinen said. “I 100 percent, strongly believe in giving back to veterans and supporting the American manufacturer.”

In 2018, Kauppinen will give a portion of his profits to SERV Niagara, a not-forprofit that provides veterans with material help (food, clothing, hygiene products), as well as services to help with life skills, financial planning, family support and more.

“They’re filling some of the needs for veterans that aren’t being met by other organizations,” Kauppinen said.

Philip Kauppinen, right, the owner of Grand New Flag, donated five percent of all his profits in 2017 (amounting to $1,500) to the WNY Veterans Housing Coalition. Kauppinen presented a check the notfor-profit organization the check on Thursday.


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